One Planet Cafe` Zambia

(ENG) Who & Where 
(JPN) 人と場所

Even though we have been active since 2007, we are a newly registered NPO (2013)
with totally 20 people from Zambia (majority), Japan and Sweden. CEO is Mr Billy Nkhoma (Zambia).

One Planet Cafe Zambia is based in Mfuwe Village area, just outside South Luangwa National Park in
Zambia. South Luangwa National Park is one of the most "biodiversity rich" wildlife areas in Africa. At
the same time the villages suffer from typical poverty. Now, how can we together help solve poverty,

at the same time as we help protect the precious wildlife here?

We think we have found a solution!

(ENG) We are active near the beautiful Soth Luangwa National Park, in Zambia.
(JPN) 私たちは、生物多様性で豊かなサウス・ルアングワ国立公園の近くで活動しています。

Our Goal
(JPN) 私たちの目標

We want to solve BOTH poverty and environmental problems by creating employment based on
the principles of fair trade and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.
In the beginning of our project - before becoming a registered NPO - we were having Computer
Courses in the village to give local people a chance to know computer skills in search for employment.
When we realized that this was not a long term sustainable solution (see explanation below) we started
our search for new areas of employment creation together with our Japanese and Swedish partners.

What this brought us was paper making from wasted banana stems. This Banana Papers basic ingredients
is fiber from the banana tree. Now a total of 18 members at One Planet Cafe Zambia are involved in catching
these fibers, drying them and sending them to Japan where we cooperate with a traditional Japanese paper
maker to make the banana paper, that is being sold in Japan.

Our future goal is, to be able to make both pulp and paper in Zambia, and also build a Laboratory for
Sustainable Innovations, that in the end leads to more employment for sustainability.

We hope this banana paper will also be sold in other parts
of the world and also in Africa in a soon future.

(ENG) Organic banana farmer Mr Nickson / Ladies Committee and Banana Team members Ms Grace and Ms Josephine
(JPN) オーガニックなバナナ農家のニクソンさん / 女性理事やバナナペーパーチームのグレイスさんとジョセフィンさん

(ENG) Why we do this
(JPN) 活動の目的

Africa and South Luangwa is a wonderful place - a treassure or HOT SPOT for biodiversity including the
people living in the villages!

In Zambia, it may be as much as 60% of the population living on less than US$2 every day. The average life
spann is 48. Many people in rural areas face poverty on a daily basis. Poverty leads to deforestation (cut trees
to sell for use of firewood) and poaching of animals (illegal trade).

Catching fire wood is womens work, walking 10`s of km risking their lives in encounters with wild animals.
The Rhino has allready been hunted to extinction here in South Luangwa. Elephants are now at risk for their
ivory. Thanks to employment via PC lessons and banana fiber catching (for banana paper making) women don`t
need to risk their lives to cut wood, and there is less need for money from illegal poaching. We can also reduce
Human-Animal Conflict by education. Most adults (especially the women members) of our One Planet Cafe`
Zambia Team, has not graduated from basic school. Thanks to employment based on Fair Trade Principles, our
members can attend classes each weekend. Instead of "Education leads to Employment" we do the opposite:
"Employment leads to Education opportunities!"

We want to be a good example, be able to create Sustainable employment so that we can overcome poverty, deforestation, poaching
and lack of education.

(ENG) Women in the village carry firewood / The Rhino has been extinct / The weekend classes in Mfuwe village
(JPN) まきを運ぶ女性たち / サイはすでに絶滅しました / 毎週の大人のための授業

(ENG) Our History
(JPN) 歴史

In 2007, Billy Nkhoma, Peo Ekberg and Satoko Ekberg decided to create a place for adults to gather, learn,
and have fun - for Sustainable Development.
One Planet Cafe was born. We decided to have a "Lady Committee" as a core - so that we always could
have a direct link to the villages, to be able to consult the Lady Committee and get their opinions if/when
we got some new ideas. What was best for the local people? What is in most need? How can we create
sustainability together?

We had our first meeting in Mfuwe, South Luangwa, Zambia in 2007.
After a while, we realized together that Computer Courses would open a window to the world, helping people
to help themselves finding solutions to their every-day life. We used 2nd hand computers from Japan and
we charged a small fee for the courses - in Word, Excel, Internet & Emailing. This fee supported the salary
for a teacher. The puropse was to not rely on charity, but to create a sustainable and independent organization.

We were able to help mostly women learn computers. During a couple of years more than 50 people who grad-
uated and received an inofficial Certificate (see Photo) also got employed by lodges etc. However, other places
did also start computer courses with full back-up from international charity organiztaions.We lost students to the
charity classes - classes that was for free. We could therefore not continue our classes - and this made us realize
once again, that what is necessary to solve poverty is NOT "aid and charity" but "(fair)trade and Sustainability".
This is when we found the possiblities with Banana Paper. The fibers are being sent to Japan for paper making to
make a high quality paper. As a next step, we want to make a Pulp factory and Fair Trade Laboratory in Mfuwe Village.

There, we can make handmade paper for the local market and also study and make research in the
Laboratory to create more jobs based on Sustainability and the Eco Cycle principles of "Not take more from
Nature than we give back".

(ENG) 2007 - first meeting / Starting Computer Classes for local people.
2007年 − 初めてのミーティング / パソコンコースのスタート

One Planet Cafe Zambia
CEO - Mr Billy Nkhoma (Zambia), Directors Peo Ekberg, Satoko Ekberg(Japan)
Kakumbi Chiefdom, Kanyantha Village
PO BOX 18 Mfuwe, Zambia

Tel (Zambia) +269 (0)977-941356
Tel (Japan) +81 (0)80-55282656